Our practice was started because of a unique need in the laboratory industry.  We continually hear from senior healthcare executives that they are dis-satisfied with the “cookie-cutter” approach of many laboratory consulting firms. They do not appreciate investing consulting dollars only to receive a large report that just “sits on a shelf collecting dust”.  These executives want a proactive approach with implementable solutions and sustainable change.

We started LS Flynn & Associates as the proverbial “diamond in the rough”, but continue to grow exponentially due to the high quality of our services and client satisfaction.  When recently asked to describe LS Flynn & Associates, we could not help thinking of the five “C” categories that are used to judge the quality of a diamond. Here are our five “C”s:

  • Custom – every engagement is unique and we tailor our recommendations to meet specific client needs

  • Creative – we adapt best practices to “fit” organization culture as no two laboratories are alike

  • Collegial – we relate to all levels within an organization from the senior executive to the phlebotomist – sustainable change requires “buy-in” at all levels

  • Clarity – our deliverables, reports, and presentations are designed to support executive leaders with sound decision-making

  • Confidence – our data driven models with a Six Sigma — Lean approach provides our clients with the tools to be successful in change management